Our Clients

Much of the work that we do is confidential and highly market sensitive and for this reason, we do not publish case studies on our website. We work with a wide variety of clients, from global multinationals to small start-ups across the following sectors:

Financial Services

We’ve just completed…


A brand review and repositioning strategy for a major financial institution


Concept development, testing, branding, naming, positioning and market entry strategy for a radically new investment service for self-managed investors to be launched by a leading stockbroking firm.

A brand portfolio strategy for one of Ireland’s leading banks.

A new business model for an international corporate bank.

A channel strategy for a leading financial institution


Professional services

We’ve just completed…


A customer experience strategy, employee brand strategy and organisation engagement programme for a major service organisation


A customer experience programme for an international software company


The development of an international brand portfolio strategy for a leading international architecture, engineering and project management firm.

A review of the corporate reputation of a leading law firm.

A repositioning and communications strategy for a leading firm of auditors and accountants.



We’ve just completed

A strategic review and brand development strategy for a leading dairy co-operative.

A product and brand development strategy for a global alcoholic drinks company.

A brand audit, brand and market development strategy for the number one UK and Ireland brand in a frozen, convenience food category.


Energy & Ultilities

We’ve just completed…

A brand audit, masterbrand and brand portfolio strategy for a leading energy utility.

An organisation engagement programme for internal staff and contractors for a leading energy utility.

A post-merger integration and organisation engagement programme for a utility.

A go-to-market proposition and positioning strategy for a new market entrant.



We’ve just completed…

A market review, brand repositioning, segmentation and recovery strategy for a leading retail group.

Organisation engagement and mobilisation around a new strategic direction for a major department store


Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

We’ve just completed…

A brand strategy for a major US healthcare organisation


A customer service training programme for a healthcare company


Market research, concept development, naming, brand strategy and strategic planning for a new business in primary care.

A market, product, service and brand strategy for a new entant into retail pharmacy

A strategic review for a leading private hospital group

A masterbrand and brand portfolio strategy for an international pharmaceutical group.



We’ve just completed…

Leadership team facilitation and strategic planning for a leading telco

Competitive market strategy, repositioning and communications for a leading re-seller

Market entry, branding and naming strategy for a mobile player



We’ve just completed…

A brand audit, stakeholder engagement and brand development strategy for one of Ireland’s leading team sports brands

A brand development and stakeholder engagement strategy for one of Europe’s most prestigious and fastest growing sporting tournaments


Tourism, Travel and Leisure

We’ve just completed…

Facilitation of the leadership team, stakeholder consultation and organisational engagement leading to the development of three year strategic plans for two major tourism organisations

Facilitation of strategy reviews and refreshment with leadership team and senior management

Complex stakeholder facilitation on a number of nationally important tourism projects focused on developing a sense of common purpose, agreed objectives and collaborative working to achieve agreed outcomes.

Development of nation brand strategy for business tourism

Strategic market reviews (both geographic markets and sector- specific)

Innovation in product and destination development for nation brand

Turnaround strategy for large scale tourism resort property


Arts & Culture

We’ve just completed…


A public consultation process on a new vision for Temple Bar for Dublin City Council


Facilitation of strategy development, consultation, engagement  and re-positioning for national cultural institution

Facilitation of new strategic approaches to increase the effectiveness of development managers of cultural institutions

Complex stakeholder facilitation for national arts organisation

Fundraising strategy and case statement for boutique music festival



We’ve just completed…

A brand audit, strategic review and development of positioning, brand and communications strategy for international humanitarian NGO.

A brand audit, brand strategy and organisational engagement for faith-based Irish NGO.

A brand and positioning strategy, patient consultation and communications framework  for  a national health charity

A strategic review of humanitarian media organisation

The design of a process to support an initiative on national citizen engagement and deliberative democracy for a global philanthropic organisation

Training of facilitators for a number of not-for-profit organisations


Government and Public Sector

We’ve just completed…

Renaming, brand positioning and brand portfolio strategy for a large commercial public sector company


The facilitation of a three year strategy and annual corporate plan for a number of state agencies

End of year stakeholder reviews for a number of state agencies

The design and facilitation of strategic innovation process focused at new ways of policy development for government, state agency and social partners

Facilitation of new thinking to increase coherence, effectiveness, impact and alignment across a number of state agencies

Stakeholder engagement, complex facilitation, strategic and business planning, positioning and proposition development for a major tourism programme


Trades Unions & Representative Organisations

We’ve just completed…

A new sponsorship strategy for a creative representative association


Strategic review for a nationally representative trade association


Strategic and operational review for a trade union

Strategic review for a nationally representative professional organisation

Strategic review for a number of Chambers of Commerce


Faith-based Organisations

We’ve just completed…

Facilitation of the development of a five year chapter plan for a religious order

A review of mission following delegation of management of a hospital group from religious to lay management

Innovation strategy and stakeholder engagement to support the sustainable development of a nationally important asset owned by a faith based organisation