What We Do

Genesis works with organisations to develop business, market and brand strategies and to engage people to implement plans successfully.

Our team comprises only experienced, senior people with the depth and range of expertise to advise, support and challenge clients. Our know-how includes:

Brand Strategy: from brand audits to naming, developing and repositioning brands, we have a track record of success in building strong brands and the architecture to manage them effectively. 

Employee brand development: in a world where talent is rare, becoming the employer of choice for the brightest people is an important competitive advantage. When you’re clear about your employee brand proposition and know what to leverage to deliver it, chances are you’ll be in a better position than the company that simply focuses on pay and rewards. We work with organisations to develop their employee brand, aligning the values, culture and rewards of the company to attract and retain the best people.

Organisational Engagement: we use coaching principles to engage people, winning commitment in a way that motivates people to go beyond business as usual. 

working with multidisciplinary teams to create a climate that supports managed risk-taking, we can support the creation of new products and services to drive profitable growth.

 all our brand, innovation and market strategy is based on robust market analysis. We are highly experienced qualitative and quantitative market researchers and bring an armoury of traditional and breakthrough methodologies to bear on projects.


Strategic Planning: we facilitate leadership teams to develop and refresh business strategies, enabling them to do the right things in the right ways and building commitment to effective implementation.

Brand and Business Preservation:
 we work with accountants, lawyers and other professionals in assisting the preservation and turnaround of businesses in difficulties and where that can’t be achieved, Genesis assists in brand valuations for disposal.

 we develop ideas to ignite the imagination and execute programmes across all media both within the organisation and in the marketplace.

Executive & Leadership Coaching: 
the Genesis partners are experienced and qualified executive coaches and work with business leaders to support their growth and development.

Customer Experience Design: in partnership with client teams we make it great for customers to do business with you by designing customer experiences that differentiate and add value, bringing the brand promise to life every step of the way.

Our team includes expert facilitators, strategic planners, business coaches and market researchers.