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Harnessing unique purpose to connect with customers, empower employees and generate ongoing value.

Anticipate change, drive business, generate value.

Value creation is the genesis of all business. This belief has been embedded at the heart of our company, in our very name, from the outset – finding and harnessing the creative spark that drives a particular business forward and generates ongoing value.

While this core purpose remains constant, we’ve seen the mechanisms for generating value shift from tangible assets to incorporate intangibles like culture, brand, intellectual property and organisational capabilities. As the world is changing seismically and at pace, staying ahead of these fundamental shifts is critical. Leading and implementing change requires skilled navigation. We strive to enable positive change at multiple levels. We work with leaders and decision makers as well as people in the middle and front line who have valuable insights about customers and the organisation and whose commitment is essential for effective execution.

Shared knowledge, human capital, business value.

The value of products and services today is increasingly based on innovative ways to take advantage of technologies and processes that will make things simple, personal and useful for customers. At the same time, it is also vital to find ways to make things more efficient for businesses.

We help our clients understand these customer needs and operational opportunities, and create products and services that connect them. Central to the success of great products and services, and the brands that inform them, are smart and committed employees who believe in the organisation’s purpose and go the extra mile. We enable our clients to create purposeful organisations, competitive business strategies and strong brands. By strengthening the connection between employees and customers in this way, we unlock value for our clients in the market and within their organisations. We call this the value creation cycle.

One team, common purpose, increased capacity.

We combine our strategic and creative capabilities with those of our clients to create a strong ‘one team’ mindset capable of overcoming challenges and developing fresh thinking, even in difficult circumstances. Our approach is highly collaborative and engaging. We work with people in organisations, not for them. We create a shared vision and sense of common purpose for each project. This builds on our respective strengths so that the outcomes from the work are owned by the client from the beginning, not ‘bought into’ after decisions are made. Many of our ways of working create new capabilities in our clients’ organisations.

Many of our ways of working create new capabilities in our clients’ organisations.

Every project is bespoke and the team allocated to each one is specially chosen for that situation. We care about the work we do and look after every project as if it were our only one.

By Gary Joyce
Managing Partner & Co Founder


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