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Mastercard – Labs as a Service (LaaS)


Genesis were asked to help Mastercard consider the strategic role and value of their “Labs as a Service (LaaS)” offer in the context of the group’s growth and development strategy. The objective was to best position LaaS for success, in order to create the most impactful role in pursuit of Mastercard’s ambitions in digital transformation and innovation.

The starting point involved extensive internal consultation through internal surveys, depth interviews and focus groups across key Mastercard regions including North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The insights generated from the consultation work identified a number of potential strategic priorities and strengths that could be leveraged....

Genesis then deployed a strategy sprint approach, that involved intensive facilitation of the LaaS team in a series of back-to-back workshops. This led to the development of:

A refreshed corporate purpose, ambition and value proposition.

A three-year strategy focused on accelerating LaaS’s impact and growth

Identified new opportunities for LaaS in new business, innovation and revenue models.

Since the engagement and delivery of the strategy, LaaS has become a vital and successful strategic asset for the Mastercard business, delivering significant value add in technology and innovation consultancy to its clients across the globe.


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