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Brand Strategy | Brand Architecture | Employer Brand Strategy

In 2021 DigitalWell (then branded Welltel) retained Genesis to support the rebranding and repositioning of their business.

Welltel had been in existence for over a decade and over that time had built a significant customer franchise and profile in the B2B telecommunications services and support sector. Building on this organic growth, and supported by an injection of capital, the business had embarked up an ambitious growth strategy - driven by organic growth and acquisition.

At the time of being retained, Welltel had acquired a total of four other complementary telecommunications and IT service and support companies, and had further acquisition targets in focus. 

Genesis were tasked with developing a new brand and brand strategy through which the acquired businesses could be integrated with one another and a new and distinctive brand and proposition could be brought to market.

The project involved detailed market and customer analysis, brand hypothesis (positioning and proposition) development and the development and selection of a new brand name, manifest in the DigitalWell brand.

However, as the project progressed it became clear that not only was it critical to position the new brand effectively in the external market but it was vital that the new brand had resonance and traction with employees, many of which had come through the acquisition and integration of other businesses.

With this in mind the brief was expanded to include the development of the employer brand. In order to facilitate the development of the employer brand Genesis completed significant consultation and a wide range of workshops with employees, senior managers, and the executive team. 

Arising for this work a clear vision, purpose, and set of values were developed and launched within the business prior to the launch of the brand in market, thus ensuring a connection between the development of organisational culture and the proposition being put into the market.

Since its launch the DigitalWell brand has performed extremely strongly in the market, exceeding growth targets while quickly establishing the brand and its profile as a leading IT and communications provider of innovative full-service solutions in the Irish market. 


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