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Brand Strategy | Communications Strategy

In 2021, Genesis was retained by EirGrid to facilitate the development of EirGrid’s consumer and corporate brand strategy. At the core of the work was a necessity to support the development of the brand at a corporate and general public level so that it could build greater knowledge, awareness, and relevance across key audiences while also critically building an appreciation of the role and value that EirGrid creates now and will create into the future.

The leadership team understood that into the future, given how Ireland’s electricity infrastructure needs to evolve, the brand would have greater visibility across a variety of audiences and there was a need to build a more contemporary brand profile that would enhance EirGrid ‘social license’ (at a citizen and key stakeholder level) to undertake the required transformation of Ireland electricity infrastructure. Furthermore, given EirGrid must work in partnership with various stakeholders in order to achieve its strategic goals, from Government, landowners, developers, regulatory bodies etc., there was also a critical requirement to ensure that the corporate brand was appropriately positioned at a B2B level.

The work involved an extensive review of the landscape in which EirGrid exists and how it was likely to evolve in to the future. This review was delivered through the review of existing market intelligence and extensive qualitative internal and external consultation. Founded up the understanding and insight that emerged for this review, Genesis, in partnership with EirGrid developed a series of brand positioning hypotheses for the brand, which were reviewed internally. The further developed positioning hypotheses were then reviewed with relevant consumer via a dedicated and interactive online community.

Using the learning that arose from working with consumers (through the online community) and considering all work conducted as part of the project final brand strategy recommendations were developed and subsequently approved by the senior executive. These recommendations we immediately adopted and applied to the work of the brand. Marketing, PR, engagement, and public consultation teams.

Genesis was subsequently retained by EirGrid in 2022 and 2023 to advise on communications strategy for the Dublin transformation project, the Celtic Interconnector and the off shore renewable energy development programme.


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