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Genesis is an international strategic marketing and development consultancy based in Dublin, Ireland. Since 1994 we have partnered organisations to help them grow and change in positive, profitable and sustainable ways. We have worked with clients in a variety of boom and bust situations and helped them to look at their business in new and better ways.

Over the years we have broadly figured out what works and what doesn’t. We’ve seen theories come and go and we’re not wedded to any particular way of doing things. We place the customer at the heart of all our work and then we look for original ways to generate solutions that drive growth and recovery. Find out more about our approach.

We consider each project individually and we use the tools most relevant to a particular business at a particular time. We are constantly striving to find better ways to make great things happen and we have learned from each and every client that we’ve worked with. Find out more about our approach

We've just completed...

A strategy to transform the customer experience for a market leading retailer

We've just completed...

An organisation-wide organisation engagement programme to internalise the company values and bring them to life for everyone

We've just completed...

The development of a brand strategy and proposition for a breakthrough healthcare innovator in the US