Reimagine. Reinvent. Renew.

Great people make a great business.

We’re strategic and creative, with a rich span of experience, connected by a shared culture and curiosity.

Our team comprises only senior people with many years’ experience. Our expertise spans industry and consulting - across planning, research, innovation and leadership as well as entrepreneurs, business owners, and independent non-executive board directors.

Our culture drives learning, collaboration and performance. Mutually supportive relationships allow us to constructively challenge each other and the status quo. And we bring our whole life experience and tireless curiosity to the work.

These attributes enable us to bring clients a deep understanding of business and a unique perspective that is pragmatic, commercial and creative.

Specialist network

In addition to our core team, Genesis has an extensive network of specialist partners with whom we have long established, productive relationships. We draw on these partnerships to deepen our value contribution to client projects on a short-term or long-term basis as required.

Capabilities include: behavioural economics, psychology, data analytics, design, financial modelling, industry-specific expertise (e.g. aviation finance, ageing, healthcare economics) and technology.